Intuitive user interface

The Easy2Meet user interface is characterized by its clear-cut layout which shows all information in a well-organized way. No extensive toolbar with superfluous or non-applicable information, but as few buttons as possible in order to obtain maximal efficiency when working with our solution. That’s what it is about!

Create a meeting in just three clicks

  • Creating a meeting

    Step-by-step fill in the required information. You will be offered a range of convenient applications, such as a choice of meeting templates and insight into the availability of the participants and the location. Simplicity comes first.

  • Agenda items and documents for the meeting

    Compiling the final agenda. Adding items, changing the order and attaching documents. From SharePoint or from your own computer; always the latest version. Efficient: click, drag, finished.

  • Publishing the meeting

    Put the meeting in your personal agenda. The agenda and the most recent documents are available in pdf, ready to be annotated on your tablet. Also for external participants. Both the process of sending and the documents are completely secure.

Optimal support for both secretaries and meeting participants

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About us

Easy2Meet has been developed by the enthusiastic development team of I4-YOU Business Solutions. Originating from a need for an intuitive user interface. Fueled by years of experience in to-the-point business solutions.

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